My Background

I am an established leader in designing user interfaces for complex transactional applications, with over 20 years of experience in design consulting and interaction design for Financial Services and Consumer Web Applications. Through close collaboration with clients and internal teams during the design and development lifecycle, I help to distill complex requirements into simple, elegant, yet powerful interfaces.

Rather than being dogmatic about process and prescriptive about approach, I am a pragmatic UX designer at heart, understanding the best tools and methods to use at the right time to get great results and create lasting value for my clients. I work using a wide spectrum of skills, from formal consulting and participatory design, through iterative Agile development. I have a passion for both hands-on research, analysis and design work as well as a keen ability to find and develop world-class design teams, with a proven ability to shape and transform global organizations— and I try to have fun doing it.

Strategy + Research

I've interviewed thousands of users— in structured interviews, on busy trading floors, and via remote sessions. I can rapidly hone in on issues, understand users' unique internal language, and develop solid strategies for application design and development.

Architecture + Design

I use proven techniques to develop solid application architectures for complex applications that present information clearly, empowering users to get the most out of data, act on new information quickly and be confident in their decisions.

Mobile + Desktop

I design applications to work seamlessly on a variety of devices, from mobile phones to complicated multi-monitor trading setups. Whether using a mobile-first approach, or designing for complexity, I distil information down to the most important elements for any situation.

Client Testimonials

I build strong and long-lasting relationships with clients, helping them build solid application portfolios, and helping them realize substantial change through constant, iterative design. I align with their overall business goals, helping them shape and transform their business to thrive in a digital world.

"You helped me realize what was in my head, but so much better, and much simpler than we could've done on our own."

Client Image


FinTech Startup

"Jon was so great to work with— he understood our business, and made us ask questions of ourselves that we had never considered. We can work so much better now!"

Client Image


Boutique market-maker

"I never could have imagined such a well-designed, functional application.

You're like Pixar for boring stuff!"

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Head of IT

Global Investment Bank