Below are selected samples of my work. A more detailed portfolio is available upon request.

  • Marsh USA
    • Colleague Desktop

      Intranet Design Studies

      The Marsh Colleague Desktop is the internal application portal that serves as the organizational dashboard for our client-facing colleagues.

    • User Experience Team

      Online Design Pattern Library

      We created an internal design patterns reference library that demonstrated the Marsh visual language to our design and development teams, and provided downloadable sample code.

    • MarshOne Corporate Intranet

      Application Prototype

      In order to demonstrate the strategic direction of our Intranet, I created a "vision" prototype. This was used as a tool to gain buy-in and understanding from our business partners and colleagues, and served as the model for our continuing portal development.

    • Corporate Web Standards

      Design Documentation

      As a part of Marsh's Global Technology Services Group, I worked with the User Experience team and an outside consulting agency to articulate, document, and extend the existing Corporate Web Standards. The previous standards were developed with only content-focused site in mind. The new standards were meant to apply across marketing sites, web-based applications, and other online utilities, so they had to be adaptable and extendable from the outset.

      Marsh has a large portfolio of diverse Web properties spanning many countries and business units, so the challenge in this project was to define a vision that could be applied across all of these sites while allowing flexibility for the business needs of a particular project. We had to keep in mind that not every site would be able to be redesigned, so the new standards could not be a radical departure from the previous version.

      The overall goal was to create a common vision and toolkit for designers and developers to bring all sites closer in line with the Marsh brand identity by standardizing their visual design, behavior, and language.

  • Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

    Skin: Surface, Substance + Design

    I developed this exhibition site in conjunction with an in-house designer at the museum. The site is designed to highlight the main themes of the exhibit and to create interest both in the exhibit and the museum as a whole.

    The project was developed completely in Flash, and continues the theme of "skin" as a design metaphor through the use of overlays in each section, and through the transitions between each scene.

  • Investment Bank

    Portal Design + Implementation

    I worked as a member of a 5 person User Experience team on this project for a major investment bank. The site was designed as a one-stop information portal for bankers to research the financial histories of companies and gain access to a wide variety of news and information sources.

    The site was created to interface with multiple XML data feeds, and was built to be refined into a completely XML/XSL-based solution for the next version.


    Design + Implementation

    For this complete ground-up redevelopment of, I was the Lead User Interface Developer and managed a team of 4 developers to build and maintain this site throughout the development process. I worked with the technical team to develop a modular implementation that re-used many small building blocks to build each page dynamically.

    The site needed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible, and also needed to present the large selection of items available for purchase. It was developed using ASP and a very simple, but accessible HTML coding standard.

    I also worked closely with Staples' internal design and development staff to ensure that the site was built to their own specifications, and that their team was able to take over the development and maintenance tasks once the project was finished.

  • Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance

    Self-Service Quote System

    I worked on a small design team to create this online quote and self-service application for Prudential. The site was designed to allow current and prospective customers to build customized insurance quotes and manage their existing policies without calls to customer service agents.

    The project provided an opportunity to research the many state laws surrounding iQnsurance practices and to design an easy-to-understand interface that masks the complexity of the insurance quote and management process.

  • Major US Airline

    Student Travel Site

    In order to create a site focused on the unique needs of the student traveler, I worked with a small multi-disciplinary team through several user research and rapid protoyping sessions to design and build a travel booking and destination information service.

    Through the use of paper prototypes, user interviews, and participatory design sessions, we were able to turn around the project on an extremely agressive timeline and were also able to iterate the designs and quickly adapt to new requirements and directions as they developed.

    This project was focused around the concept of a "planner," a central area where students could save their travel information and share it with friends and family members throughout the travel planning and trip process. By understading that students in particular need to communicate travel plans with others as they plan holiday and vacation travel, we were able to design a system that supported the users' needs and provided a useful tool that simplified the process of booking student travel.

  • Investment Bank

    Design + Architecture Recommendations

    I worked with another major investment bank to research and articulate design standards to bring the organization's disparate online resources into closer brand alignment. Through a series of acquisitions and deadline-driven projects, the company's online representation became fractured and did not present a clear view of a unified corporate identity.

    The team audited the current online portfolio and made a series of actionable design and architecture recommendations to bring the sites into closer alignment and build a stronger online message.